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piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Andrzej Jerzy Lech o Kolekcji Wrzesińskiej.

Źródło: http://superikonta1933.see.me/onelife2011

This is a part of my photographic project which was commissioned by the City of Wrzesnia, Poland, in May 2010.

Over two weeks in my Motherland extensively photographing groups of people's lives in the small Polish town...

The photographs depict groups who where singled out with regards to their affiliation with a specifically defined profession or social activity.

The original photographs are sepia toned tea dyed fiber base contact prints which I made by myself in my own darkroom in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The camera which I used for this particular project is the old wooden panoramic banquet camera manufactured ca. 1905 by Folmer & Schwing Company from Rochester, New York. At that time Folmer & Schwing was a division of Kodak Company. The format of negative for this camera is a beautiful 7 x 17 inches!

I had such a great time. It is very hard to express in words the mystical pleasure doing this project. Thanks to the people of Wrzesnia! Thanks to the photography!


Andrzej Jerzy Lech, photographer

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